A Poem on the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where you’re free.

A place of healing, repentance, and poverty,

of Spirit, persecution, slander, they’ll hate

you for teaching, and preaching, and following,

and living, and praying not fate,

but your kingdom come.

The Kingdom of heaven is about freely giving and contradictorily

trusting the Father’s will and the oratory

grace of the Spirit to cast our demons and set men free.

A paradox, the first last, and last first.

An upside down, inverted, reflective collective

seeking your will to be done!

It’s a secret to be kept and a message to be shared.

It’s about wheat! And weeds to be charred

in the fire of God’s justice, power, wrath, trembling, scared.

It’s about all the “wrong” people.

But he cared for the lost,

for those far off

Many called –but few are chosen!

Do you seek after mustard seed growth and both

joy filling gain and freedom from pain?

All sin – and stain, not one spot remains,

on the record of those who trust in a King

who doesn’t rule his kingdom by strength or by might,

but by hands twisted and pierced.

Beaten and jeered. Mocked not revered.

A cross and a crown, not with jewel or with gem,

not a gold diadem, not a friend remained –

but the thorns did. As they stayed in the head of your king

who bids you to bring, all glory and honour and praises to sing

who with one offering overcomes everything.

One man’s suffering means death has no sting!

What was concealed, now revealed,

in power and might. Resurrection fight.

Giving the blind new sight – even today.

Now if you come to the king of a kingdom of light

say goodbye to the night, embrace what is right,

then you’ll find your delight, and see darkness take flight,

and you’ll find Him!

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