Is the word “no” always negative?

No one like the word “no.” In my roles as parent, pastor, in the past as a teacher, I found that the word “no” often has negative connotations. Christians can sometimes be most clearly defined that the things they say “no” about. The Christian life can sometimes feel just like a bunch of things weContinue reading “Is the word “no” always negative?”

Grace That Saves and Sustains

The most significant moment in my life came when I first truly felt the forgiveness and grace of Jesus in my heart and in my life. I got strong armed into going to an all-night prayer meeting led by some pastors from South Korea. I remember turning up to the prayer meeting and trying toContinue reading “Grace That Saves and Sustains”

Restarting My Blog: (Feedback would be gratefully recieved)

It has been quite a while since I posted on here, and I have a heart to restart my blog by thinking about some key aspects of faith that are really significant for me. I don’t know how many people would even link in with this post, but if you do and feel able/willing toContinue reading “Restarting My Blog: (Feedback would be gratefully recieved)”

First Blog Post in a Long Time: Grace and Holiness

I am a self-taught guitarist. There was a time in my life when I genuinely thought I was the next Jimi Hendrix. I had long hair, torn jeans, and a pocketful of plectrums. I had my guitar, and my amp, I had musically minded friends, I had books, DVD’s, CD’s, in a sense I hadContinue reading “First Blog Post in a Long Time: Grace and Holiness”

Slander, Reconciliation, and Jesus

What impact does the Gospel and reconciliation have in our every day lives? Specifically, what does the death of Jesus in our place to remove sins, propitiate God’s wrath, fulfil the Scriptures, redeem a people, forgive the elect, ransom a people, bring us into relationship with the Father, all to the praise of his glory,Continue reading “Slander, Reconciliation, and Jesus”

A Poem on the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where you’re free. A place of healing, repentance, and poverty, of Spirit, persecution, slander, they’ll hate you for teaching, and preaching, and following, and living, and praying not fate, but your kingdom come. The Kingdom of heaven is about freely giving and contradictorily trusting the Father’s will andContinue reading “A Poem on the Kingdom”

Being One: Some Thoughts on Unity

I remember the first time I ever preached on Christian unity in a Church. I preached from John 17 with passion and energy about how Christian unity is a sign to the world, a message to the world, about who Jesus is and the power of the Gospel. I thought the sermon went well. AfterContinue reading “Being One: Some Thoughts on Unity”