God’s forgiveness and our encouragement

I am hoping in this blog post to explore the connection between forgiveness, loving others, encouragement, and the death of Jesus. Perhaps that may seem convoluted, but I hope to suggest that the author of Hebrews actually combines all of these things together. Firstly, it is important to stress that forgiveness is possible not becauseContinue reading “God’s forgiveness and our encouragement”

Greg Beale and how the New Testament uses the Old

One of the questions many of us have is whether we read the Old Testament in a “Christocentric” way.[1] A “Christocentric” reading of the Old Testament views the whole Biblical canon and the whole narrative of history through the lens of the Jesus.[2] There are a number of Biblical scholars would want to critique viewingContinue reading “Greg Beale and how the New Testament uses the Old”

Hebrews, Jesus, and Old Testament Context

The Old Testament context of what Jesus “says” in Hebrews. In the book of Hebrews we find Jesus “speaking” three times. Each time, Jesus “speaks” an Old Testament passage. This post looks at the Old Testament context of what Jesus “says” in Hebrews 2 and 10. Firstly, In Hebrews 2:12 Jesus speaks from the bookContinue reading “Hebrews, Jesus, and Old Testament Context”

Tom Wright, Paul, and the Old Testament

A quick look at how Tom Wright sees Paul using the Old Testament NT Wright is a world-class scholar, releasing in “Paul and the Faithfulness of God” what is considered, by some, a seminal work. It is also worth noting that Wright’s monograph is the fourth volume in the popular “Christian Origins” series, and soContinue reading “Tom Wright, Paul, and the Old Testament”

Forgiving others and the Gospel

Forgiving each other must be based on the penal substitutionary death of Jesus Christ. This may sound simple to you. This may sound counterintuitive to you. It may even sound crazy, odd, foolish. But any true and lasting forgiveness between people must be Gospel centred. I remember from my time as a High School teacherContinue reading “Forgiving others and the Gospel”

You were bought with a price

When we begin to think about the practical and pastoral applications and outworkings of the Gospel in our own lives, it is important to remember how they have been purchased for us through the death of Jesus. For example, many of us are aware that the New Testament teaches that forgiveness is primarily given byContinue reading “You were bought with a price”

Divine Reconciliation

So, what can be done in the face of all of this wide ranging and varied criticism against penal substitution? Is penal substitution a helpful and practical doctrine? Should the doctrine be ditched altogether? First, in response, many good and thorough defences of penal substitution have been made in recent times.[1] This is a helpfulContinue reading “Divine Reconciliation”

The Structure of Hebrews

Two approaches to the “structure” of Hebrews When considering the structure of Hebrews, it is important to note two key works. Firstly, Guthrie analyses Hebrews from a “text-linguistic” approach, attempting to avoid imposing modern paradigms upon the text, instead seeking to be aware of Hebrews context and message.[1] As such Guthrie seeks to be awareContinue reading “The Structure of Hebrews”